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There is a new brand in the game.

Mola Chill CBD Drinks.

Want to make a cold £150?

People will be chosen at random to join the brand’s sampling team for one day and one day only. But there is a catch… you have to call in sick.

29th March

beginning at 11:30am

What are you waiting for?


peace begins in a can,

choose chill.

rated five stars on Google reviews, by you.

Best served chilled with friends, or with no one


what's in the cans?


Milk Thistle

Helps strengthen your body’s immune response.

Vitamin Stack; B3, B6, B12

Helps maintain a healthy & functioning body.

Natural Juices

No added colourants or preservatives.


Aiding mental focus & relaxation.

Up to 30mg Cold Pressed premium CBD

Clean, fast acting, natural & x10 more effective than heat pressed CDB.

shake up your chill...

and try one of our cocktails


 Mola Chill drink is the first Premium CBD drink that comes with delicious fruit scent and flavour. Infused with up to 30 mg of the highest quality and effective cold-pressed Premium CBD, it provides near immediate relaxing effect. 

It’s perfect to be consumed on its own, but its effect is enhanced further when consumed with vodka or tequila, making it the perfect drink to have fun with.

The drinks are 100% natural, and will have you coming back for more, because quite simply there’s nothing else like this on the market - both in taste and functionality. 

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