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Drink and Operate
heavy machinery.


Is it safe to operate heavy machinery 

after or while drinking our products?

Mola Chill drinks are what you call a ‘functioning drink’. They allow you to drink and function normally. Sometimes even better than usual, depending on your mood, sleep habits, where you live, past education, friends, family and significant other. Thus, there are no valid and legal reasons to dispute the statement that drinking our product would leave you perfectly capable of operating heavy machinery.

Our CBD (Cannabidiol relaxes only) drinks do not contain THC (its cousin the intoxicator ), it will not get you high and should not affect your ability to go about your normal daily life. 

Disclaimer: This is not taking into account any thing else you might be taking or that happened to you that day like walking in on your partner with someone else (sorry).

Our drink also contains L-theanine, a compound that occurs naturally in green tea and black tea which many say creates a focusing effect and better sleep quality. 

We admit that’s a bit of an oxymoron, does it help you focus or does it help you sleep? Well in our case when we drink our products we do feel a sense of improved focus, and yet relaxed, but just relaxed enough to not edge onto the brink of sleepy, and definitely not drowsy. Then again what do we know, we love it and are marketeers who clearly are not qualified to speak about science nor health matters. Instead, why not read on what the people at Medical News Today say about the benefits of L-theanine over here.

However as a parting note, we too must adhere to the advice of our lawyers (worthless parasites who forever seek to justify their existence) by advising you that everyone’s body reacts differently, so do be absolutely sure of how our products affect you before using it during work. Although unlikely, some people could claim extreme chillness which could lead to slightly reduced reaction times, which then makes some more dangerous work, hazardous. Happy there legal eagles?

100% safe to drink and…

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