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Drink and date.


Is it safe to date after or while drinking our products?

First and foremost, our products are vegan friendly. So whenever they say they’re vegan, you can say you are too, and you won’t be lying, unlike the other tales you tell about job, number of partners or music taste (we see you hidden Spotify playlist).

Mola Chill drinks also contain Milk Thistle, an ingredient popularly promoted as a dietary supplement for hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice, diabetes, indigestion, and other conditions. 

Bugger if we know if any of it is true, but try pronouncing milk thistle five times really really quick and see if you can avoid pronouncing thilk mistle, which is not a missile. Not a bad tongue twister to take the next time you’re going out on a Hinge date, especially to avoid the early awkward silences before you both realise that you left the iron on or head out into the night and possibly into the morning together (no judgement here).

Now if you don’t know what a Milk Thistle is, we’re pretty sure you are not alone. I mean why would you? I for one got a D (that’s a 3 for you young ones) in biology, after all that experiment to dissect a frog was just so gross, and what did the poor frog ever do to deserve such medieval treatment? Anyway, Milk thistle or what the smarter people (geeks) refer to as silymarin...

is a flowering herb related to the daisy and ragweed family, native to Mediterranean countries.

Some people also call it Mary Thistle and Holy Thistle, as we originally wanted to label it but fearing backlash from the Church of England and any other religious institutions we opted for Milk Thistle. Which is ironic, as there’s no milk in it, nor did it come from a cow or goat or breast. Anyway, it is claimed to carry many benefits such as improving liver health, but we are no doctors nor are we scientists. We make drinks and leave the science to the men (geeks) and women (also geeks) in coats, such as the people at WebMD who wrote this article about Milk Thistle benefits and side effects. Read on if you are keen to learn (geek).

100% safe to drink and…

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