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Drink and drive.


Is it safe to drive after or while drinking our products?

Well it depends on a lot of things doesn’t it? If you’re guzzling down a can with complete ignorance of your surroundings then you’re an idiot who doesn’t really deserve our products, let alone be trusted to operate any kind of vehicle on public roads, even if they are the slow moving farm equipment types. However we get it, our stuff is soooo daaaamn good and sometimes, you can be distracted by its goodness, but that goes for anything good too.


My old Grandpa used to say that he had one hell of a time doing 65km per hour in his open top convertible on route 66, while having sex with grandma, but heck the cops just couldn’t see it that way regardless how well you tell the story, and that’s why you just better use your good judgement.

Having said all that, some Australian scientists did spend some serious time studying the impact of CBD products (the good stuff in our White Lemonade and White Candy drinks) consumption on driving, and what did they find? It didn’t do a damn thing. In fact, their verbatim words as published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology says that...

“Oral CBD treatment, even if taken at a high dosage, doesn't appear to induce feelings of intoxication and is unlikely to impair cognitive function or driving performance."

You can read the whole blah blah as published in Forbes magazine (a respectable business magazine and now also website for you young ones who never experienced the joy of touching printed materials before) right here.

Ok, some of you may just not want to listen to Australians though, and rightfully so, so we recommend reading some articles written specifically for the UK, like this one here who quoted the words of a partner at a London law firm who said...

“CBD is not a controlled substance and has no psychotropic effect. Therefore, a person’s driving would not be impaired by the consumption of CBD."

Read the full article here, and it even includes the lawyer’s LinkedIn to ensure that he’s a real person and not a made-up character like Ally McBeal or Harvey Specter.

One thing to understand though is that while our White Lemonade and White Candy drinks do contain CBD, they do not contain THC, which probably doesn’t make much sense to you if you don’t know what CBD and THC are to begin with. The short version is that they are both cannabinoids found in cannabis plants (weed, ganja,marijuana), but THC will cause a person to experience a high while CBD will not. So if you are purchasing our drinks just so you can get high, you are simply sh*t out of luck. We make you feel good in a legal, responsible way. Contact your local dealer should you wish to do it the illegal way, although surely needs to be made legal soon. Read more about the difference between CBD, THC, Hemp and their benefits and effects over here.

100% safe to drink and…

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